Tribute Aviation

Back In The Fight

About Us

Tribute Aviation is a nonprofit which serves combat Veterans through coordinating experiential therapy events centered around aviation. These events provide the opportunity for veterans and their families to come together in a relaxed environment and experience the thrill of flight. Our preferred aircraft for this is a veteran herself, the Boeing PT-17 Stearman (a WW II primary trainer). The Stearman is an open-cockpit biplane which provides a wonderful and visceral experience that is universally enjoyed.

Our Mission and Vission

Future Mission

To expose youth/next generation to aviation. Provide a ‘hands on’ learning environment to get the next generation excited about aviation and give youth a tangible connection to history.


Reduce Veteran suicides by providing a flight, free of charge, to combat/high risk Veterans. By providing an exciting and visceral therapeutic experience in a positive environment it is hoped that the Veteran will regain a sense of excitement for life in a low-stress, low-danger environment. “Back in the Fight” is our motto.

Founder’s Vision

Kurt has given hundreds of airplane rides (including over 100 rides in the Boeing PT-17 Stearman) to all types of people, who’s one commonality is the joy they found in flight. It is Kurt’s vision to bring this joy to those in desperate need of a new perspective on life. The suicide rate among veterans is a tragedy. If this venture can help even a few veterans feel appreciated and find a new lease on life then it will be a resounding success.

There are over 200,000 veterans in the Tidewater area of Virginia and over 700,000 in the state; making it the ideal location to kick off this venture.


What Our Clients Says

Positive Growth.

Discover how ” Tribute Aviation” is making a difference in the lives of combat and high-risk veterans. Join us in our mission to provide therapeutic flight experiences that renew their enthusiasm for life. Learn more about our success stories, events, and the impact of your support.

Get inspired by the captivating stories of veterans who have found renewed hope through the gift of flight. ” Tribute Aviation” shares the unique and powerful narratives of those who’ve taken to the skies with us. Explore the profound impact of flight experiences on their lives and how you can be part of our mission.

Soaring Together, Uniting for Veterans

Join us in our mission to reduce veteran suicides and provide a positive environment for combat and high-risk veterans. Explore how “Tribute Aviation” brings together a community dedicated to making a difference. Discover the power of unity and support as we strive to help veterans regain their zest for life. Together we can get Veterans “Back in the Fight.